What we can offer you

Monitor BCS UK Ltd offers bespoke training in Housing standards, legislation, defects and remedies for non-housing professionals and other specialist frontline staff, survey and inspection capability and support, survey design, housing and environmental data collection and analysis.


Consultancy is cross between a science and an art – the science is the knowledge and experience that we can bring to a problem. The art is in understanding what we don’t know, but knowing where to find it and who to ask, through our very extensive professional network, in a range of housing, health and social service-related fields. We enjoy the challenge of bringing these together and finding innovative solutions for challenges.

Survey, Inspection & Verification

We have extensive experience in frontline housing survey and inspection, involving standards compliance (including the Housing Health & Safety Rating System, Energy Efficiency and Houses in Multiple Occupation and Public Health legislation), licensing, landlord and property accreditation, inventories and service of legal notices.


We offer bespoke training in Housing standards, legislation, defects and remedies for non-housing professionals and other specialist frontline staff. Our training comes in a variety of formats, ranging from standalone, on-demand web packages, web and telephone tutoring, through to live, face-to-face seminars and workshops. We play to peoples’ strengths – everyone has a unique and favourite way of learning. Our goal is to match what your trainees need to know to get their work done in commonly encountered, everyday situations.

Design & Analysis

Monitor’s consultants have been closely involved in commissioning a range of surveys, including Local House Condition Surveys and Housing Market Assessments. Varied backgrounds in Environmental Health, Biological Science and Mathematics mean that we can bring insights into designing fieldwork, primary and secondary data collection and collation, sample frames and statistical significance, proxy data, analysis and assessment – we’ll help you see the wood for the trees.


Monitor’s consultants have very extensive experience in housing management – including managing and providing private sector housing law enforcement, grants, loans, adaptations for disabled people, homelessness and homelessness prevention, developing and providing affordable housing. We can provide specialist support, continuity cover and project management in these fields.

Advice & Support

We understand very well that there is a wide gulf between what the law says and how it is used and enforced. We bring this understanding to our clients, to help them make better use of their resources, identify what needs priority and to identify cost-beneficial answers. In this world of fast-changing economic pressures, we aim to help accommodation providers, agents, homeowners, tenants and law-enforcing authorities get the most for their money.